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Thank you for visiting the Dragons Lacrosse and Fire Lacrosse website. We are a youth lacrosse club that offers everything from beginner sessions, to the most advanced training and competitive travel teams for boys & girls in grades 2 through 12, as well as recruiting support for HS athletes that want to play at the next level. If you're looking to be the best possible lacrosse player you can be, you have found your home.


If you are a new family and want to learn more, please visit the BOYS and GIRLS navigation tabs respectively, at the top of this page. We have the following structure for Boys: Dragons (recreational), Dragons Select (advanced youth players), Dragons HS Elite (advanced HS players). We have the following structure for girls: Dragons (recreational), Fire Travel (advanced youth and HS players), Fire NextGen (9th & 10th grade players looking for the highest training), Fire Select (11th & 12th grade players looking for the best training and recruiting support). Each of these programs is explained via tabs in the BOYS and GIRLS navigation.


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  • Boys - Dragons Youth Summer Travel Teams
  • Boys - Dragons HS Travel Teams
  • Boys - LA All Stars Intive-Only Teams
  • Girls - Fire Lacrosse Area Teams
  • Girls - Fire Lacrosse Select Teams  


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Dragons 2019 Summer Programs

Dragons Summer Lacrosse

Boys 2019 Summer Programming

The few years have taught us that a solid training program staffed by great coaches is the cornerstone of shaping an outstanding student-athlete. We have an excellent track record of training players, sending them to top LA-area high school programs, and then supporting them in their high school career and into college.

This summer’s program is carefully tailored to our different player groups. We are receiving more and more inquiries to train players at all age and skill levels, so we have put together our most comprehensive program yet in an effort to give all our players what they need.

If you are looking for the best training and the best coaches, you have found your summer program.


Two Locations

The first point to note is that we’ll be in two locations this summer: Santa Monica and Studio City. From the new Studio City location we’ll be able to better serve Sherman Oaks, Encino, Toluca Lake and of course Studio City. Our Studio City location will be the Ted Slavin Field at the Harvard Westlake Upper School Campus on Coldwater Canyon Ave. In Santa Monica, we will be at Santa Monica HS, John Adams Middle School and Lincoln Middle School.


Individual Focus

We’ve now been training players of all ages and skill levels for 6 years and we have acquired quite a lot of experience. One of the biggest insights we’ve gained is the importance of individual training. That may sound like a no-brainer, but a typical team practice looks at the aggregate, not the individual. For about the last 12 months, we’ve changed the formats of our team practices and have focused more on the development of the individual player - with great success. Dragons practices now consist as much of individual skills development and positional work, as they do competition and team concepts. We are going to expand on this training model this summer.


Top Coaching Staff

Over the years Dragons has built a top caliber coaching staff consisting of positive, high-energy, individuals that know the game, love the game and have a passion for teaching. We also have an excellent player to coach ratio of approximately 5:1 for elementary school and 8:1 for middle and high school. Summer coaches are listed below.

Erik Krum - Salisbury University. First Team All American, 3x National Champion, Head Varsity Coach - Harvard Westlake. Dragons Athletic Director, Youth & HS Coach.

Riley Lasda - Albany University. Penn State University. Latvian National Team. Varsity Defensive Coach - Harvard Westlake. Dragons Youth & HS Coach.

Mike Kutzer - Loyola University Maryland. Assistant Varsity Coach - Brentwood School. Dragons Youth & HS Coach.

Max Mercier - Emmanuel College. Head JV Coach - Harvard Westlake. Dragons Youth & HS Coach.

Andrew Buss - Bridgewater College. Dragons Youth Coach.

Eli Lasda - Albany University. Latvian National Team. Varsity Offensive Coach - Harvard Westlake. Dragons Youth & HS Coach.

Kelley Jay - Elon University. Dragons Youth Coach.

Blayne Taylor - University of Massachusetts. Dragons Youth Coach.

James Burton - Salisbury University. 2x National Champion. Dragons Youth &B HS Coach.

Dayton Gilbreath - Air Force Academy. Dragons Youth Coach.

Nate Menninger - Hamilton College. University of Virginia. Dragons Youth Coach.

Quinn Ainsle - Attends University of North Carolina. Dragons Youth Summer Coach
Kyle Foote - Loyola University Maryland. Middle School Head Coach - Harvard Westlake. Dragons Youth Coach.

Riley Olds - Entering Vassar College. Dragons Youth Coach
Jared Goldman - Attends University of Southern California. Dragons Youth Summer Coach

Martin Avila - Attends Onondaga College. Dragons Youth Summer Coach

Training Program - Youth & High School

  • 14 total sessions
  • 2 weekly sessions on the field
  • 2 hours per session
  • First Session May 22, last session July 17
  • Individual and positional skill development
  • Team concepts and competition
  • Players grouped by age and skill level from beginner to advanced
  • Grades 2 through 12
  • High rep count
  • Open to continuing, returning and new players
  • Independent of tournaments and any other programs
  • Locations: Studio City & Santa Monica
  • Schedule: Studio City - Tu/Th 5:30-7:30pm, Santa Monica - M/W Time TBD
  • Specialty training for goalies in conjunction with Crease Coach
  • Cost: $435 - Click HERE to register (Please be advised that we are switching to a new web platform and all summer registrations are in TeamSnap).
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Opt-In Tournaments - Youth & High School

  • 3 LA-area tournaments in July 
  • Option to play none, one or multiple tournaments
  • Each tournament priced out separately
  • No tryouts
  • Fun & competitive
  • No hotel stay required
  • Battle by the Beach, July 6 & 7 - Irvine - $195 - Click HERE to register
  • Legends Meltdown, July 13 & 14 - Moorpark - $195 - Click HERE to register
  • Tinseltown Throwdown, July 20 & 21 - Irvine - $185 - Click HERE to register
Please be advised that we are switching to a new web platform and all summer registrations are in TeamSnap.
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Pick Up Games - Youth & High School

  • Continuation of Spring Pick Up Game program
  • Separate Youth and HS sessions
  • Weekly sessions under supervision of a coach
  • Coaches will be playing in HS sessions
  • 2nd to 12th grade
  • All players welcome
  • Santa Monica HS
  • Schedule TBA once City allocates field space in mid-May
  • No cost to players enrolled in Dragons Training Program - but US Lacrosse Membership and registration required
  • Click HERE to register
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Tournament Partnerships - Youth Only

  • Additional, high-level tournaments in June
  • Grades 4 to 8 
  • Advanced players
  • Continuation of partnership with Slingshot
  • America’s Finest, June 15 & 16 - Del Mar
  • Lake Tahoe Summit Classic, June 22 & 23 - Lake Tahoe
  • No tryouts - contact Max Mercier at  .

High School Advanced Player Support Program

The summer season is approaching is the time of year when a lacrosse player can make the biggest advances in his game if he trains hard, has good coaching, plays on a strong roster and is put in competitive situations in front of college coaches. We have once again put together a program that we believe will do the best possible job of accomplishing this and of supporting our players that aspire to play in college. We will be offering individual and team opportunities to compete at a specific age level, supported by a consistent training schedule.

The Road Map: One of the challenges of summer play is determining how much to play, where to play and why? Here are some very basic guidelines to help you along. 

2021 - Current sophomores should maximize their summer. Players need a good highlight reel, they should be e-mailing tons of coaches, be on a recruiting platform like SportsRecruits and be playing at high-level DI and DIII recruiting events. A quality East Coast trip is essential. 

2022 - Current freshmen should aspire to take their game to the next level. It makes sense to train A LOT. And not just lacrosse. Players need to be in the gym, work on speed and agility, as well as endurance. Competing in showcases and at high-level tournaments is also very important to get a sense for how you compare to the rest of the  player pool at your age.

2023 - Current 8th graders will undergo the biggest transition as they progress from the last year of youth lacrosse into high school. The adjustment can be difficult at times because as an 8th grader you are used to playing at the youth pace with players of the same size. But starting freshmen year, you may be on a team with 4 age levels and the speed of the game will be twice as fast. The biggest thing a current 8th grader can do to prepare for high school is to make the mental adjustment to the new environment. Understand the pace and skill of the game at the next level, and understand your own weaknesses. An East Coast trip is not necessary but can be very useful in understanding the difficulties and challenges of playing at the highest level in high school.


LA All-Stars - We will field 3 single-grade teams (2021, 2022 & 2023) from some of the most competitive school and club programs in LA, provide the teams with six 2-hour practices, a tune-up tournament and then compete in the Denver Shootout. LA All Stars strikes a balance between giving players the training they need to keep improving, while also focusing on the recruiting process.


  • SoCal Summer Kickoff, June 8 & 9, 2019 - OC Great Park, Irvine, CA
  • Denver Shootout, June 14-16, 2019 - Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO


  • Wed., May 22nd: 7-9pm @ Samo HS
  • Wed., May 29th: 7-9pm @ Samo HS
  • Mon., June 3rd: 7-9pm @ Samo HS
  • Wed., June 5th: 7-9pm @ Samo HS
  • Mon., June 10th: 7-9pm @ Samo HS (p)
  • Wed., June 12th: 7-9pm @ Samo HS (p)

College-Bound East Coast Trip

This trip is intended for players that want to compete at the highest level and have aspirations of playing in college. It is chaperoned, just like our previous trips (Click HERE to see a video of the Summer 2018 trip; click HERE to see a video of the Fall 2018 trip). The schedule is designed to give a player the opportunity to participate in just 1 showcase, or do as many as 2 showcases and a team event (2021s only). Three showcase options are listed below. Good to Great and STX Rising overlap and the design here is for players interested in highly academic DI and DIII schools to attend Good to Great, and for those interested in the DI route to attend STX Rising.

Travel plans will be made after we have received RSVPs for the showcases. Because of the modular nature of the program, we will allow players to come in and out before and after a showcase, or stay for the duration. 

2018 Winter East Coast Trip
2018 Summer East Coast Trip

Naptown Exposure Showcase - Individual Event

  • Description: Run by Dave Pietramala (Head Coach Johns Hopkins) and Charlie Toomey (Head Coach Loyola Maryland), this is a relatively new event that has managed to attract a lot of coaches and talented players. Suited for players interested in DI as well as DIII schools.
  • Date: July 7th
  • Location: Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD
  • RSVP: If you are interested in this event, please RSVP to 

Good To Great - Individual Event

  • Description: Run by Amherst College, this is a showcase focused on highly academic DI and DIII schools. It is a 3-day, 2-night event and players stay in the dorms. 
  • Date: July 9-11
  • Location: Amherst College, MA
  • RSVP: If you are interested in this event, please RSVP to 

STX Rising DI Showcase - Individual Event

  • Description: Run by 3d, this showcase focuses on top level players and offers high-level training. In 2018 over 40 DI coaches attended the event.
  • Date: July 10 & 11
  • Location: Blandair Regional Park, Columbia, MD
  • RSVP: If you are interested in this event, please RSVP to 

NXT Philly Invitational with LA HEAT - Team Event (2021 only)

  • Description: 2021 single-grade, invite-only team made up of some of the best players in LA, supported by an outstanding coaching staff. Coaches Jimmy Borell (PV), Mario Waibel (Sierra Canyon) and Erik Krum (Harvard Westlake) have over 40+ years of coaching experience and are the leaders of three prominent high school and club programs in Los Angeles. Most importantly, they have been deeply involved with the development of the players invited on this trip since their early youth lacrosse days. The team will have 2-3 practices prior to the event.
  • Dates: July 13 & 14
  • Location: Downingtown & West Chester, PA
For any additional questions, please contact Randy Grube at 

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Fire Lacrosse is a new force on the girls lacrosse scene. It is the Elite division of Dragons Lacrosse and offers girls dedicated to the sport a chance to play at a higher level and to reach higher goals. Fire is backed by an incredible coaching staff that trains our players, guides them through tournaments and actively supports them in the recruiting process. We have an amazing team environment and a great attitude. Click HERE for more info.




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