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Thank you for visiting the Dragons Lacrosse and Fire Lacrosse website. We are a youth lacrosse club that offers everything from beginner sessions, to the most advanced training and competitive travel teams for boys & girls in grades 2 through 12. If you're looking to be the best possible lacrosse player you can be, you have found your home. To get started, please read the NEW FAMILIES column on the right. For a taste of the action, watch the clip below.



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Summer Camp Info is Here!
Summer Camp Info Many of you have been asking about possible summer...
Laps For Lax Update - We Did It!
We Did It! - Thank You!! June 9th was a great day for Dragons...
Thank You for a Great Spring Season!
    The 2018 Spring Season officially came to...
Support Coach Riley & Team Latvia at the World Games!
Support Coach Riley & Team Latvia At The World Games! In...
Dragons Oceanside Hustle Picture Gallery
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Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 Wins Championship!
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Partnership With Children’s Hospital LA Sports Medicine Program
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Santa Barbara Showdown Wrap Up
Summer Camp Info is Here!

Summer Camp Info is Here!

Summer Camp Info

Many of you have been asking about possible summer camp options involving our coaches. And we have just the thing for you. Coach Krum will host a week long lacrosse camp at the state of the art Harvard Westlake Middle School Campus. The camp will cover the building blocks of lacrosse from stick skills, dodging, shooting, team offense, team defense and transition play. More advanced players will receive insights as to what will elevate them from good to great. Initial sessions of the camp will focus on individual skills, while later sessions emphasize the incorporation of these skills into group and team concepts. Daily scrimmages and games provide opportunities for players to experiment with new techniques. Participants should bring their own gear, although equipment will be available for those new to the sport. And of course there will be fun activities such as a 1 hour daily open pool to cool down.


  • Location: Harvard Westlake Middle School - 700 N Faring Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077
  • Dates: July 23-26
  • Time: 9am-3pm
  • Grades: 3-12
  • Cost: $350
  • Contact: Darlene Bible - 

by posted 06/24/2018
Laps For Lax Update - We Did It!

We Did It - Thank You!

We Did It! - Thank You!!

June 9th was a great day for Dragons and Fire Lacrosse! Our community came together in a big way and we managed to reach our fundraising goal!!

102 participants walked 1,425 laps and raised more than $32,000 (we won't know the exact number until all pledges have been finalized). Over 40 volunteers and coaches pitched in to help set up, tear down, prepare food, run check-in and ticket sales and helps us count all the laps. THANK YOU to everyone that walked, donated and helped out. We could not have done this without you and we are very proud of our Dragons and Fire Lacrosse community. 

We hope everyone that attended enjoyed themselves, and we hope you’re looking forward to next year. We certainly are.

We made a little video to commemorate the event. Hope you enjoy it.


Inaugural Laps For Lax Event - June 9, 2018 from randy grube on Vimeo.

by posted 06/24/2018
Thank You for a Great Spring Season!



The 2018 Spring Season officially came to a close today as PELA concluded its last day of play for the girls middle school division. And it was well worth the wait. Our Dragons girls were able to bring home our first-ever middle school spring league championship. As some of the families on the team will remember, it was a long road to get to this point. When we laid the foundation for this team 2 years ago we took a beating from other teams in the area, but how things have changed! Congratulations players, parents and coaches! Well done!

The boys middle school division concluded 2 weeks ago, also with a Dragons team taking the title. For a second year in a row, Dragons 8th - aka Albany Dragons as they are know this year, won the LAYLL Championship. Congratulations players, parents and coaches!

We'd also like to send a big thank you to all our other teams that competed in LAYLL and PELA and battled hard every weekend. We saw a lot of players make huge individual improvements over the course of the season and we also saw teams improve overall. And we hope everyone had fun. A special thank you goes out to all our parents who bring the boys and girls to practice and games and help us keep our teams on the field: THANK YOU!

by posted 06/04/2018
Support Coach Riley & Team Latvia at the World Games!

Support Coach Riley & Team Latvia at the World Games!

Support Coach Riley & Team Latvia At The World Games!

In early 2017 we received an e-mail introducing us to Riley Lasda who was moving to LA and was looking to establish himself as a coach. Riley came highly recommended and he has lived up to the hype. He has done an excellent job with various Dragons teams, primarily at the 8th grade and HS levels. And he just finished his season as the defensive coordinator at Harvard Westlake. Many of you know him and have benefitted from his good work. But you probably didn’t know that Coach Lasda will play on the Latvian National Lacrosse Team this summer in Netanya, Israel! Not only is it very exciting to have an international lacrosse player in our ranks, Riley has also opened our eyes to some very promising international lacrosse opportunities we’d like to expose our boys and girls to next year. Stay tuned for more news on that. But let’s talk about Team Latvia.

Riley and his younger brother Eli first tried out for the team in 2013 and were both selected as part of the 23 man roster for the 2014 World Games in Denver. Since that first tryout, Riley and his brother have made several trips to Latvia to participate in team events including the 2016 Berlin Open where they helped the team win it's first gold medal. Using the opportunity to reconnect with the culture and history of the country where their grandparents were born, Riley and Eli were able to obtain dual citizenship and now carry both Latvian and American passports.  

The Latvian National Team is beginning to make a name for itself on the national stage, finishing in the top half of the 2014 World Games, top 10 in the 2016 European Championships and reaching the Finals of the Berlin Open for the 3rd year in a row. Lacrosse is relatively new to the small country located on the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe but it is growing quickly.  A dedicated core of local Latvian players and coaches have committed themselves to developing the sport and growing the game. 

Coach Riley has had a tremendous experience participating in the rapidly growing international lacrosse scene and would love to talk with any players or parents who would like to learn more: 

What You Can Do To Support Team Latvia

Team Latvia is entirely self-funded and is currently putting together efforts to raise the money needed to participate in the World Games this July. Players and coaches will need to pay for lodging, travel, and registration fees. If you are interested in getting involved, check out the options below.

Make a purchase from the team's online apparel store:

A small percentage of each purchase goes towards the team's expenses. The store closes on May 14th so act fast.

The team's GoFundMe page:

All money goes directly to cutting the costs for each member of the team.







Support Youth Lacrosse In Latvia!

Another great way to help is to donate equipment. One of the biggest roadblocks to the growth and success of Latvian Lacrosse is the inaccessibility of equipment, specifically for youth players. There are currently no retailers in Latvia that carry lacrosse equipment and shipping fees from American companies drive the price of playing the sport out of range of many young athletes interested in playing the game. Coach Riley will be accepting any gently used lacrosse equipment to bring to Latvia this summer.  The local youth programs are in desperate need of all types of equipment (sticks, pads, helmets, etc.) so if you have any spare gear in your garage please consider donating it to help grow the game we love and give a new player the chance to share in that experience. You can give gear directly to coach Riley at Dragons Practices or email him at   to arrange a drop off.  


by posted 05/08/2018
Dragons Oceanside Hustle Picture Gallery

A couple weekends ago we kicked off our winter travel season at the Oceanside Hustle. After 4 straight years of going to Vegas on this weekend, we finally switched it up and we think it was worth it. The level of competition was very, very high and we got a really good feel for the things we need to work on this winter season. We played some great games and we’re proud of how hard our boys battled. Dragons 6/7 Select Green won an epic Braveheart on Sunday morning and HS Elite 2018/19 made it all the way to the semis. Lots to be proud of and lots to work on. Great way to kick off the season. Below are some images from the weekend for you all to enjoy.


Thanks to all our players for giving it everything and our wonderful families for supporting them and us this season!


4/5 Blue





6/7 Green





6/7 Blue





8 Blue






HS Elite 2018/19





by posted 12/19/2017
Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 Wins Championship!

7th/8th Combo Team Takes 4th


The OC Fall Brawl on November 18 & 19 marked the end of Fall Ball for some, and the beginning of the Winter Season for others. Our Dragons 7/8 Combo team had their hands full against some pretty serious travel teams that were kicking off their winter season. The team managed to put up a good fight and beat Mad Dog LA in the final game to secure a 4th place.


Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 started their Winter Season at the OC Fall Brawl and made the most of the opportunity. The boys beat OC Wave in the semi-finals 11-0 and SC Sharks Red in the finals 9-0 to take home our first winter championship of the season. It was a great team effort that started with a strong defense and very solid goaltending. The midfield and attack made the most of their scoring opportunities but also pitched in on some great team defense. The attack did an excellent job riding and prevented our opponents from establishing a clear. And our face-off lines played extremely well together to gain a huge possession advantage, even when we didn't win the face-off.


Well done to all our players and coaches on both teams! And thank you as always to our parents for supporting the program. We couldn't do it without you guys!



by posted 11/21/2017
Partnership With Children’s Hospital LA Sports Medicine Program

As you all know, Dragons is more than just a lacrosse club. We conduct outreach with schools, run free clinics, offer a Big Brother mentoring program, host community events such as the TLN Dragons Halloween Beach Bash, as well as our DragonsFest and we have critical alliances for training and recruiting with Lacrosse Masters and the Long Island Sting. We try to offer our families as complete an experience as possible.


So we are very happy to announce our latest partnership with Children’s Hospital LA’s Sports Medicine Program. This partnerships allows us to provide our families with the latest information on topics such as nutrition, recovery and injury prevention and best of all, CHLA has a walk-up facility right here in Santa Monica where you can get injuries and ailments looked at by the top professionals. And if we’re lucky, we might even have a trainer at one of our tournaments over the winter. Their pediatric specialists help kids stay in the game, and get back in the game quicker when injuries occur.  


Click HERE to get more info on the CHLA Sports Medicine Program


Click HERE to get more info on the Santa Monica location


To schedule an appointment, call 323-800-7700 or email .



Tips from CHLA: Recognizing Concussion Symptoms 


As part of our partnership, the Sports Medicine Program, part of the Children’s Orthopedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, will also be providing educational content throughout the year. Below are some tips they’ve provided on how to recognize concussion symptoms in your young athletes.


Visit the doctor or go to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY if your child is experiencing: 

  • Increasing confusion 

  • Severe, worsening or persistent headache 

  • Multiple vomiting episodes 

  • Difficulty waking up 

  • Trouble walking 

  • Seizure 

  • Strange behavior 

  • Weakness 

  • Loss of or sudden change in vision 

  • One pupil appearing larger than the other 

  • Loss of consciousness

Visit the doctor within a few days if your child is experiencing: 

  • Dizziness or confusion 

  • Memory loss and can’t recall what happened around the time of the injury 

  • Headache 

  • Nausea 

  • Sensitivity to light/noise 

  • Trouble concentrating, difficulty remembering, slowed thinking 

  • Emotional changes: irritability, sadness, anxiety, etc

If you are concerned your young athlete may have sustained a concussion, then they must stop all sports participation until evaluated by a provider experienced in the care of concussions. Continuing to participate can lead to a prolonged recovery, and to the rare but devastating complication of second impact syndrome. If in doubt, sit out!


by posted 11/21/2017
Santa Barbara Showdown Wrap Up

This weekend we opened our Dragons and Fire Lacrosse Fall field season at the ever-popular Santa Barbara Showdown. It was a special weekend for us because we brought 4 Dragons boys teams and 4 Fire Lacrosse girls teams, our largest mixed contingent ever. But it wasn’t just about quantity. Our boys and girls played their hearts out, with our Dragons HS Elite 2018/19, Dragons 5/6, Fire HS 2018/19 and Fire 2024/25 all making it to their respective championship games.

Congratulations go to all our players and coaches for making this one of the most successful weekends in our club’s history. And a huge THANK YOU to all our dedicated parents for supporting their players and us all tournament long. We couldn’t do it without you!


Dragons HS Elite 2018/19 had an amazing weekend, with a tournament-best 4 goals against in pool play, then beating LA Cobras in the semis and taking Factory Select to double OT to finish in a well-deserved 2nd place.


Our youngest contingent at the tournament was the Fire 2026 team that was attending its first-ever tournament. The team finished in 3rd place after beating SB Hat Trick Heroes 13-10 in their final playoff game.


Our largest squad at the tournament was the Dragons 7/8, which went 3-0 in pool play and fell to OC Crush in a 1-goal nail-biter. The team still went on to claim 3rd by beating the Culver City Colts 9-4 in the playoffs.


Fire HS 2020/21 notched 2 impressive victories and is on its way to becoming a strong team with a lot of depth. The girls played with pride and passion all weekend long and never gave up!


Dragons JV had an impressive tournament in a Varsity division and finished 3-2. These boys are definitely getting ready to play at the HS level for us this winter and for their respective schools in the Spring. We can't wait for more from our 9th & 10th grade players.


Fire 2024/25 is a group of future superstars that had a VERY impressive tournament. The team went 4-0 in pool play and only gave up 18 total goals while scoring 44! The girls came up 1 goal short in the championship game but we expect to see them at the top of the podium some time very soon.


Dragons 5/6 probably had the most interesting route to a championship game in recent memory. The boys finished Saturday 1-1-1 after tying the Bezerkers 3-3. At the time, they were in 3rd place but if they could manage to hold Empire Lacrosse to 1 goal in the final game of pool play, they would leap into 2nd place in the division and get to play for the championship. Dragon 5/6 rose to the challenge by laying down a 9-1 victory and advanced to the final round. The squad ended up losing 6-4 to a very strong Team NorCal but still showed that where there is a will, there is a way!

Fire HS 2018/19 Championship Gallery - Way To Go Girls!!!

by posted 10/18/2017

Fire Lacrosse is a new force on the girls lacrosse scene. It is the Elite division of Dragons Lacrosse and offers girls dedicated to the sport a chance to play at a higher level and to reach higher goals. Fire is backed by an incredible coaching staff that trains our players, guides them through tournaments and actively supports them in the recruiting process. We have an amazing team environment and a great attitude. Click HERE for more info.

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Dragons partners with Children's Hospital LA's  Sports Medicine program to educate families and train coaches.

Dragons is the first West Coast affiliate of Speed Lacrosse.

Dragons works with LA City Ducks Youth Football to provide opportunities for talented young players.

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