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Thank you for visiting the Dragons Lacrosse and Fire Lacrosse website. We are a youth lacrosse club that offers everything from beginner sessions, to the most advanced training and competitive travel teams for boys & girls in grades 2 through 12. If you're looking to be the best possible lacrosse player you can be, you have found your home. To get started, please read the NEW FAMILIES column on the right. For a taste of the action, watch the clip below.



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Fire HS 2018/19 Wins Oceanside Hustle!
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Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 Wins Championship!
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Partnership With Children’s Hospital LA Sports Medicine Program
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What A Tryout!! - Thank You To The Players & Parents
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Santa Barbara Showdown Wrap Up
Dragons Partner With Lacrosse Masters
  Before the Labor Day weekend we announced an exciting new...
Fire HS 2018/19 Wins Oceanside Hustle!

Fire Lacrosse Continues To Make An Impact On SoCal Girls Lacrosse


Half way through the winter tournament season Santa Monica’s Fire Lacrosse continues to reshape the landscape in SoCal girls lacrosse. After an impressive championship at the Santa Barbara Fall Showdown on October 15, Fire Lacrosse 2018/19 won the Girls Elite Division at the Oceanside Hustle in Oceanside, making the club 2 for 2 in tournament championship play this winter. On the way to the top, Fire Lacrosse 2018/19 beat some very strong regional and local teams including 3d Colorado, 3d Oregon, Aces and OC United.


The first game on Saturday was against an athletic 3D Oregon team but Fire 2018/19 came out of the gates firing on all cylinders. Six different players scored goals in an 8-4 victory to set the tone for the rest of the weekend.


Game 2 was against Corona Wave and the defense held the Corona attack to just 2 goals. Goalie Daniella Guyette made numerous saves, the defense made timely stops and Fire capitalized on 50-50 ground balls, giving the offense plenty of opportunities to score. 


Game 3 versus OC United Grey was a true test of character. Fire fell behind early and played from behind all game, but in the end hung around and found a way to win. The possession battle in the draw circle was even, so it came down to the defensive unit getting crucial stops. Playing with grit and determination Fire managed to come from behind for a 6-5 victory. The play in this game set the tone for the attitude the Fire girls would take into Sunday’s games.


The semi finals on Sunday versus 3d Colorado once again saw Fire 2018/19 facing a 5-2 deficit at the half. Coaches Sloan Kessler and Meghan Toomey managed to refocus the team and Fire held 3d to only 1 goal while scoring 4. At the end of regulation it was 6-6. Fire took the come-from-behind momentum and in sudden death OT Shelby Tilton assisted Kailee Follette for a 7-6 win.


In the championship game Fire 2018/19 faced a very fast and technically skilled Aces team in a sea-saw battle that had the teams locked in a 4-4 tie at the half. But in the second half Fire started to pull away. Shelby Tilton was a powerhouse on the draw control, supported by Shay Hefft, Aubrey White, Kailee Follette, and Zeyna Faucette in the midfield. The Fire offense started to take over the game while the defensive unit, anchored by goalie Josie Ballard, put up a strong wall against a very skilled and talented Aces offense. Grace Sweetak caused two turnovers that led to offensive runs and consecutive goals. The final blow came when Makena Carter scored to make it 9-6.


It was an impressive showing at the highest level of West Coast lacrosse for an extremely hard-working and resilient group of players. Fire Program Director Meghan Toomey summed it up like this: “It is really gratifying to see how far we’ve come in less than 2 years. When we started the Fire program our HS team went 1-4 and 0-5 in several tournaments, but through it all we persevered. And now we are competing and winning at the highest level. It validates our approach and it is a testament to the hard work and determination of our players and coaching staff.”



Read about Fire Lacrosse winning the Oceanside Hustle and Santa Barbara Showdown on MaxLax!


Concussion Recovery Tips from the Children’s Hospital of LA


From sprains and breaks to concussions to motion analysis, and everything in between, their pediatric specialists help kids stay in the game, and get back in the game quicker when injuries occur. If you’ve ever worried about your child getting a concussion while on the court or in the field, here are tips on how to help your young athlete safely recover from a concussion.


1) Take it easy!

Rest from all exercise and athletic activities; texting, email, computer time, phone calls, loud music/TV/movies and video games; and intense studying and reading, as directed by your doctor. Needing more rest than usual after a concussion is normal.


2) Be safe and smart!

Until your child is feeling better he or she should not do anything that may cause another fall or brain injury. Initially that means no activities like riding a bike, skateboarding or playing sports.


3) Break things down into easy steps.

After a concussion, it may be harder to concentrate or pay attention. So, rather than studying for an hour straight, your child should study for no more than 30 minutes at a time before taking a break and then studying for another 30 minutes.


4) See a doctor experienced in treating concussions. To learn more about concussion care, check out the resources below, or speak to someone at the Children’s Orthopaedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


Take care, and see you on the field!


by posted 12/12/2017
Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 Wins Championship!

7th/8th Combo Team Takes 4th


The OC Fall Brawl on November 18 & 19 marked the end of Fall Ball for some, and the beginning of the Winter Season for others. Our Dragons 7/8 Combo team had their hands full against some pretty serious travel teams that were kicking off their winter season. The team managed to put up a good fight and beat Mad Dog LA in the final game to secure a 4th place.


Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 started their Winter Season at the OC Fall Brawl and made the most of the opportunity. The boys beat OC Wave in the semi-finals 11-0 and SC Sharks Red in the finals 9-0 to take home our first winter championship of the season. It was a great team effort that started with a strong defense and very solid goaltending. The midfield and attack made the most of their scoring opportunities but also pitched in on some great team defense. The attack did an excellent job riding and prevented our opponents from establishing a clear. And our face-off lines played extremely well together to gain a huge possession advantage, even when we didn't win the face-off.


Well done to all our players and coaches on both teams! And thank you as always to our parents for supporting the program. We couldn't do it without you guys!



by posted 11/21/2017
Partnership With Children’s Hospital LA Sports Medicine Program

As you all know, Dragons is more than just a lacrosse club. We conduct outreach with schools, run free clinics, offer a Big Brother mentoring program, host community events such as the TLN Dragons Halloween Beach Bash, as well as our DragonsFest and we have critical alliances for training and recruiting with Lacrosse Masters and the Long Island Sting. We try to offer our families as complete an experience as possible.


So we are very happy to announce our latest partnership with Children’s Hospital LA’s Sports Medicine Program. This partnerships allows us to provide our families with the latest information on topics such as nutrition, recovery and injury prevention and best of all, CHLA has a walk-up facility right here in Santa Monica where you can get injuries and ailments looked at by the top professionals. And if we’re lucky, we might even have a trainer at one of our tournaments over the winter. Their pediatric specialists help kids stay in the game, and get back in the game quicker when injuries occur.  


Click HERE to get more info on the CHLA Sports Medicine Program


Click HERE to get more info on the Santa Monica location


To schedule an appointment, call 323-800-7700 or email .



Tips from CHLA: Recognizing Concussion Symptoms 


As part of our partnership, the Sports Medicine Program, part of the Children’s Orthopedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, will also be providing educational content throughout the year. Below are some tips they’ve provided on how to recognize concussion symptoms in your young athletes.


Visit the doctor or go to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY if your child is experiencing: 

  • Increasing confusion 

  • Severe, worsening or persistent headache 

  • Multiple vomiting episodes 

  • Difficulty waking up 

  • Trouble walking 

  • Seizure 

  • Strange behavior 

  • Weakness 

  • Loss of or sudden change in vision 

  • One pupil appearing larger than the other 

  • Loss of consciousness

Visit the doctor within a few days if your child is experiencing: 

  • Dizziness or confusion 

  • Memory loss and can’t recall what happened around the time of the injury 

  • Headache 

  • Nausea 

  • Sensitivity to light/noise 

  • Trouble concentrating, difficulty remembering, slowed thinking 

  • Emotional changes: irritability, sadness, anxiety, etc

If you are concerned your young athlete may have sustained a concussion, then they must stop all sports participation until evaluated by a provider experienced in the care of concussions. Continuing to participate can lead to a prolonged recovery, and to the rare but devastating complication of second impact syndrome. If in doubt, sit out!


by posted 11/21/2017
What A Tryout!! - Thank You To The Players & Parents

What a night! Almost 90 players came out to our beloved dirt patch at the Penmar Rec Center to compete for fewer than 60 spots in 3 age levels. We don’t keep stats on attendance, but if we had to guess, we’d have to say that this was one of the best-attended tryouts in our history!


Thank you to all the players and parents for coming out!


Every player did his best tonight. And we could see that every player left it all out on the field. We got to witness some epic battles, some really good lacrosse and a lot of good sportsmanship.


Now begins the hard part for the coaches. We have to sit down and evaluate the results and come up with rosters. We hope to be able to send invitations early next week after we get done with all of this weekend’s box action.








by posted 10/27/2017
Santa Barbara Showdown Wrap Up

This weekend we opened our Dragons and Fire Lacrosse Fall field season at the ever-popular Santa Barbara Showdown. It was a special weekend for us because we brought 4 Dragons boys teams and 4 Fire Lacrosse girls teams, our largest mixed contingent ever. But it wasn’t just about quantity. Our boys and girls played their hearts out, with our Dragons HS Elite 2018/19, Dragons 5/6, Fire HS 2018/19 and Fire 2024/25 all making it to their respective championship games.

Congratulations go to all our players and coaches for making this one of the most successful weekends in our club’s history. And a huge THANK YOU to all our dedicated parents for supporting their players and us all tournament long. We couldn’t do it without you!


Dragons HS Elite 2018/19 had an amazing weekend, with a tournament-best 4 goals against in pool play, then beating LA Cobras in the semis and taking Factory Select to double OT to finish in a well-deserved 2nd place.


Our youngest contingent at the tournament was the Fire 2026 team that was attending its first-ever tournament. The team finished in 3rd place after beating SB Hat Trick Heroes 13-10 in their final playoff game.


Our largest squad at the tournament was the Dragons 7/8, which went 3-0 in pool play and fell to OC Crush in a 1-goal nail-biter. The team still went on to claim 3rd by beating the Culver City Colts 9-4 in the playoffs.


Fire HS 2020/21 notched 2 impressive victories and is on its way to becoming a strong team with a lot of depth. The girls played with pride and passion all weekend long and never gave up!


Dragons JV had an impressive tournament in a Varsity division and finished 3-2. These boys are definitely getting ready to play at the HS level for us this winter and for their respective schools in the Spring. We can't wait for more from our 9th & 10th grade players.


Fire 2024/25 is a group of future superstars that had a VERY impressive tournament. The team went 4-0 in pool play and only gave up 18 total goals while scoring 44! The girls came up 1 goal short in the championship game but we expect to see them at the top of the podium some time very soon.


Dragons 5/6 probably had the most interesting route to a championship game in recent memory. The boys finished Saturday 1-1-1 after tying the Bezerkers 3-3. At the time, they were in 3rd place but if they could manage to hold Empire Lacrosse to 1 goal in the final game of pool play, they would leap into 2nd place in the division and get to play for the championship. Dragon 5/6 rose to the challenge by laying down a 9-1 victory and advanced to the final round. The squad ended up losing 6-4 to a very strong Team NorCal but still showed that where there is a will, there is a way!

Fire HS 2018/19 Championship Gallery - Way To Go Girls!!!

by posted 10/18/2017
Dragons Partner With Lacrosse Masters


Before the Labor Day weekend we announced an exciting new partnership with the Long Island Sting. This week we are pleased to announce a partnership with Lacrosse Masters that will bring an even higher level of training to our boys and girls players in 8th grade and up.


Started in 2011, Lacrosse Masters is a consortium of college coaches representing some of the world’s finest academic institutions including Harvard, Brown, Yale, Penn, Cornell, Notre Dame, Stanford, Williams, Princeton, Colby, Bowdoin, Tufts and UVA. Together, the Lacrosse Masters coaches represent 350 years of head coaching experience and 12 national championships!


The Lacrosse Masters Instructional Prospect Camps are very unique in that coaches are on the field 100% of the time teaching and coaching every player. Each player is guaranteed world class instruction and will be exposed to every coach. Players are rotated through each coach grouping in order to hear a different philosophy and learn something new. Every Lacrosse Masters camp has a capacity limit to maximize the experience for each player.


Lacrosse Masters is an especially good fit with the Dragons philosophy because of the emphasis we place on providing the best coaches and the best possible training.

The Dragons/Lacrosse Masters partnership we created taps into the vast knowledge base of Lacrosse Masters and offers specific benefits to Dragons and Fire families around the December 16 & 17 Boys Prospect Camp at UCSB, as well as the January 6 & 7 Girls Prospect Camp, also at UCSB. 


  • Lacrosse Masters will be hosting a parent meeting in LA prior to the UCSB camp to discuss the college recruiting process and talk specifically how it relates to Ivy League and NESCAC schools.
  • Dragons and Fire coaches will shadow the Lacrosse Masters college coaches at both of the UCSB camps, and implement a transfer of best practices.

We highly encourage players in graduating years 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 that are interested in top-level training to attend this camp. Especially if you have a high GPA and are hoping to play at an Ivy or NESCAC school.


This event will sell out so don’t wait too long.



by posted 09/27/2017










Fire Lacrosse is a new force on the girls lacrosse scene. It is the Elite division of Dragons Lacrosse and offers girls dedicated to the sport a chance to play at a higher level and to reach higher goals. Fire is backed by an incredible coaching staff that trains our players, guides them through tournaments and actively supports them in the recruiting process. We have an amazing team environment and a great attitude. Click HERE for more info.

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Dragons partners with Children's Hospital LA's  Sports Medicine program to educate families and train coaches.

Dragons is the first West Coast affiliate of Speed Lacrosse.

Dragons works with LA City Ducks Youth Football to provide opportunities for talented young players.

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