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Welcome to the Santa Monica Dragons!


Thank you for visiting the Dragons Lacrosse and Fire Lacrosse website. We are a youth lacrosse club that offers everything from beginner sessions, to the most advanced training and competitive travel teams for boys & girls in grades 2 through 12, as well as recruiting support for HS athletes that want to play at the next level. If you're looking to be the best possible lacrosse player you can be, you have found your home.


If you are a new family and want to learn more, please visit the BOYS and GIRLS navigation tabs respectively, at the top of this page. We have the following structure for Boys: Dragons (recreational), Dragons Select (advanced youth players), Dragons HS Elite (advanced HS players). We have the following structure for girls: Dragons (recreational), Fire Travel (advanced youth and HS players), Fire NextGen (9th & 10th grade players looking for the highest training), Fire Select (11th & 12th grade players looking for the best training and recruiting support). Each of these programs is explained via tabs in the BOYS and GIRLS navigation.


CURRENT PROGRAMS (click name for more info):



UPCOMING PROGRAMS (click name for more info):


  • Fire Winter Season (5th to 12th grade - advanced players - Starts end of Oct.)
  • Dragons Select Winter Season (4th to 8th grade - advanced players - Starts Nov.)
  • Dragons HS Elite Winter Season (9th to 12th grade - advanced players - Starts Nov.)
  • Speed Lacrosse (2nd to 8th grade - recreational players - Nov./Dec.)
  • Winter Rec Season (2nd to 8th grade - recreational players - Jan./Feb.)


MORE - If you have questions that are not answered on the website, feel free to us directly. When you are ready to register, you can click on the REGISTER button in the upper right. Our registration page contains as many as 15 registrations at a time, so please be sure to scroll down until you see what you are looking for.


For a taste of our top youth players in action, watch the clip below.



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Dragons Select Winter Travel Team Orientation Meeting Coming!
Dragons HS & Fire Select Summer East Coast Videos Are Out!
Check out our boys and girls east coast trip videos below!  
Dragons Boys 2018 Fall/Winter Overview & Tryouts
There is a lot of information in this newsletter so please be sure...
Fall is Training Season at Dragons & Fire!
Over the years we’ve built quite the reputation as LA’s...
2018 Fall Training is Here!
2018 Fall Training Registration Is Now Open! September and October...
Dragons Oceanside Hustle Picture Gallery
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Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 Wins Championship!
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Dragons Select Winter Travel Team Orientation Meeting Coming!

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Dragons HS & Fire Select Summer East Coast Videos Are Out!

Dragons HS & Fire Select Summer East Coast Videos Are Out!

Check out our boys and girls east coast trip videos below!


by posted 10/08/2018
Dragons Boys 2018 Fall/Winter Overview & Tryouts

2018 Dragon Fall/Winter Information

There is a lot of information in this newsletter so please be sure to read it all:

  • Introduction
  • 2018/19 Program Overview
  • Tryouts for Dragons Select Training & Tournament Program
  • New Membership System 


Since we started Dragons 5 years ago we have gained a lot of experience on how to get the most out of the sport of lacrosse for our athletes. We have taken young boys from 4th grade all the way to high school, with many making Varsity at their respective schools as freshmen. We have transitioned more players from the youth ranks into Loyola (#1 in LA) and Harvard Westlake (#3 in LA) than anyone else. And we helped get our entire active class of 2018 players recruited to play in college. Congratulations boys and good luck in the next phase of your life!

Since we are on the topic of 2018 players, we’d also like to take a moment to extend congratulations to all 2018s that played with us over the years. The class of 2018 represents our first expansion class as Dragons grew into a multi-team organization back in 2013. And now all of them are off to college. Whether you played with us a while ago or recently, for a long time or just a season, we had the privilege of training 64 2018s and we want to wish all of you well as you leave high school.

The experience we’ve gained since our early years allows us to create programs that provide players a path from youth lacrosse to the college ranks. And as we enter the Fall/Winter season, we want to provide parents with a more comprehensive overview of the year ahead, rather than just tryouts and a schedule for the upcoming season. We believe that having an overview makes it much easier for parents and players to make decisions.

At the core of all the success we have had at developing young boys into outstanding young men, athletes and lacrosse players, is a training program we believe to be the best in town. Over the years we have held specialty clinics with Zach Greer (Duke, MLL, NLL), Brendan Fowler (Duke, MLL, NLL), Greg Gurenlian (Penn State, MLL, Team USA) and Kyle Harrison (Hopkins, MLL, Team USA). All of these clinics were set up for our players specifically. We weren’t just a feeder into an existing session. And we have a partnership with Lacrosse Masters, the premier Prospect Camp series in the nation. 

But at the core of it all is our day-to-day training. We typically offer more training time than other programs in a given season and we have more coaches and more experience on the field. In fact for the last year we’ve been overstaffing our practices to make sure coaches are rotated to get to know all our players and so they coach at the appropriate levels. This has led to 3, sometimes 4 coaches at a single team practice. We raised the bar years ago when we introduced an all-professional coaching staff in our area, and in the last two years have managed to keep the quality and consistency very high. We have a core roster of 14 coaches and expand to over 20 during peak season. Our coaches are knowledgable, experienced, they are passionate about lacrosse and love teaching kids. Maybe most importantly, our coaches bring an infectious and positive energy to the field that makes lacrosse and learning fun. And they know our players. If you’ve played high school with us, then you will also know that our coaches frequently suit up and jump into drills with our players. And of course they support them in the recruiting process by advocating for them with college coaches, advising them on college choices, highlight reels, overall strategic planning and much more. Click HERE to read about our coaches.

Please keep reading about our 2018/19 Program Overview. In addition to the information presented below, we’ll hold Info Sessions in early September to discuss the entire “career lifecycle” in lacrosse for elementary school, middle school and high school. Dates and locations will be announced in a separate newsletter.


What you will notice about our program design is that we have developed a format that revolves around the player’s needs. Over the years we have identified certain player profiles and have been developing programming accordingly. This applies especially to high school and the college recruiting process, as you will read about below.

“I want to learn how to play the game”

We offer entry level programming for beginners of all ages (boys & girls) through Fall Training in September and October, as well as lesson referrals to our coaches. Click HERE to read more about Fall Training.



2018 Fall Training Promo Clip from randy grube on Vimeo.


“I want to get game experience and play on a team”

Twice a year we offer recreational lacrosse in a team format for players of all skill levels. Winter season is January and February in the West LA League. Spring season is March to May in the LAYLL. There are no tryouts required to play in a recreational league.

“I want as much high-end training as possible”

We run one of the most successful and longest-running box lacrosse programs in the area. Click HERE to read more about box lacrosse. Box season starts in late August and runs through late October. We will launch off-season training for advanced players once we have clarity on our field space situation. And we have Lacrosse Masters coming up on December 15 & 16 at UCSB for boys and December 8 & 9 at UCLA for girls. Specialty clinics will be announced as the schedule develops. There are no tryouts required for specialty training.



Dragons Box Clinic With Zack Greer - 5th & 6th Grade Session from randy grube on Vimeo.

Sights And Sounds Of Box - U13 from randy grube on Vimeo.

Dragons JV Box Championship - Director's Cut from randy grube on Vimeo.


“I’m committed to my team and to make myself the best possible player I can be”

Our Dragons Select/Elite Training & Tournament program is part new, part old. New because it isn’t the way we are used to doing things, but old because many top clubs on the East Coast structure their programs very successfully this way. Dragons Select/Elite Training & Tournaments is our travel team program but it separates the training from the tournaments. We did this to allow families more scheduling and budget flexibility, while at the same time ensuring that we have committed rosters at tournaments. The system is simple. Players participate in a tryout to be selected into the training program (see below for additional details). Once in the training program they pay a membership fee to cover training and team practices. Players then have the ability to sign up for tournaments and we attend those at which we can field a committed team. Players pay only for the tournaments they attend. More info on this new system is below. Training & Tournaments is for advanced players in 4th to12th grade.

“I’m serious about playing in college”

Helping players get recruited has been pretty cookie cutter until now. If you’re on a team it is generally one size fits all. You attend certain tournaments and hope that something develops. Or you go it alone at showcases and have little to no support. We’ve developed a more tailored solution we call Dragons Elite Showcase Trips. We’ll be attending 3 types of showcases this Fall to meet the most common player profiles: DI, DIII and Academic. We tested this format successfully this summer. Players travel in a group and with a coach to individual showcases. Benefits include lower costs (parents save on travel expenses), players typically get to play on the same team (preserves the team experience), players have a coach supporting and advising them on site and they have more fun because they are traveling as a group and not alone. For logistical reasons, this year each trip is limited to 5 players in grades 10 and up. A complete video, detailed info and schedule will be published soon. In addition to this new format, we will continue to offer individual recruiting support, access to SportsRecruits and other tools to assist in the process.

“I love the opportunities lacrosse provides and want to use the sport to explore the world around me”

We firmly believe there is more to lacrosse than just the sport itself. We’re presently working on a couple potential international projects that we hope to implement in the next 12-24 months. In addition to that we will continue our Big Brother/Sister program that allows 8th grade and high school players to earn community service hours by helping teach lacrosse to new players in 2nd through 5th grades. And we are increasingly offering coaching opportunities to high school players and players returning from college. Our goal is to eventually have former Dragons return to coach the next generation of players. We also realize that lacrosse can be an expensive sport and we have been actively supporting talented players over the years through our scholarship fund. We run the largest scholarship program in LA and have made a real difference in players’ lives by enabling them to use lacrosse to gain access to academic opportunities, whether it be college or high school.



What: Tryouts for the Dragons Select/Elite Training & Tournaments Program
 Tryouts are open to all players in grades 4 to 12
When: August 26th - Youth 3pm to 5pm - HS 5pm to 7pm
Where: Santa Monica HS
Registration Fee: $20
Registration Link: Click HERE



Dragons Select Tryouts - Summer 2018 from randy grube on Vimeo.



Dragons Elite (HS) & Dragons Select (Youth) Start Date: 10/21/2018
Dragons Elite (HS) End Date: 1/20/2019
Dragons Select (Youth) End Date: 2/24/2019
Thanksgiving Break: (11/21/2018 - 11/25/2018) - NO TRAINING 
Christmas Break: (12/21/2018 - 1/3/2018) - NO TRAINING 

A specific training schedule will be announced once we receive our field space allocation from the City of Santa Monica. Each team can expect anywhere from 1 to 3 sessions a week. This will include a game simulation session where we focus on game play, LAX IQ and competitive drills, a technical session where we focus on individual skills and positional training, as well as run club on the beach.

The tournament options are listed below. Please keep in mind that the final schedule will be determined based on actual tournament registrations. In other words, if we assemble a competitive roster by the registration deadline, we will attend that tournament. This means your individual schedule could consist of anywhere from 1 to 5 tournaments, depending on your appetite and overall participation. Deadlines for tournament registration will be posted when we announce Membership and Tournament Pricing.

We plan on fielding single grade teams for 6th, 7th and 8th grade and all the tournaments we selected allow us to play that structure. 4th/5th will be a combo team and HS will be 2021/22 and 2019/20 combo teams.



Click Here to Register Now!




Battle at the Balloon 
October 27 & 28, 2018
OC Great Park, Irvine, CA

OC Fall Brawl
November 17 & 18, 2018
OC Great Park, Irvine, CA

War on The Shore
December 8 & 9, 2018
OC Great Park, Irvine, CA

Adrenaline Challenge
January 5 & 6, 2019
Del MarPolo Grounds, Del Mar, CA

Air Station Tournament
January 26 & 27, 2019
OC Great Park, Irvine, CA

Tournament details and tournament selection criteria will be shared with the players that end up making the Tournament & Training roster.



OC Fall Brawl - Tune up/Non-recruiting
November 17 & 18, 2018
OC Great Park, Irvine, CA

The Hustle - Recruiting
December 1 & 2, 2018
So Cal Sports Complex, Oceanside, CA

Lacrosse Masters - Recruiting
December 15 & 16
UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA

Adrenaline Challenge - Recruiting
January 5 & 6, 2019
Del MarPolo Grounds, Del Mar, CA

Air Station Tournament - Just for Fun
January 26 & 27, 2019
OC Great Park, Irvine, CA

Tournament details and tournament selection criteria will be shared with the players that end up making the Tournament & Training roster.



This season we will be introducing new membership pricing that we feel better suits our families because it splits the cost of training and tournaments. Going forward, each player will become a member and pay a membership fee. Memberships will be split into Youth and High School because Youth has a longer training season. Membership fees include:

  • Game simulation sessions, skills sessions and run club
  • Coaches stipends for practices
  • Field space 
  • Equipment
  • Administrative fees

The membership fee will NOT include tournament cost (see below). Membership pricing will be announced once we receive our field space from the city of Santa Monica and are able to define our specific training schedule.


This season, each tournament will be priced out and charged separately. The tournament costs will include the following:

  • Tournament fee
  • Coaches stipend
  • Coaches travel costs 
  • Administrative fees

Below are some basic guidelines regarding the tournaments:

  • You have to be a member to play tournaments.
  • You can be a member and not play tournaments.
  • Each tournament roster will capped at 20 to maximize playing time.
  • Players can sign up for tournaments based on the practice depth chart.

This pricing allows us to add more tournaments or drop a tournament and pick ones that better works with the team schedule if needed. Overall it will allow everyone more flexibility and lead to the best result on the field. 

Tournament Pricing will be announced when we announce Membership Pricing



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Fall is Training Season at Dragons & Fire!

Check Out Our Amazing Line Up!

Over the years we’ve built quite the reputation as LA’s premier lacrosse training organization. Just take a look at our 2018 Dragons graduating class. No fewer than 58 players that trained with us are heading off to college to start a new chapter in their lives and many are continuing their lacrosse careers.

Successful training revolves around two things: great coaches and great programs. And we have both. Our boys and girls coaching staff is unrivaled in the area and has been remarkably consistent. Box is one of the best training tools and we run the most successful program in the area. Our Fall Training puts more than 40 new players on the field every year. And our Fire advanced training programs are the most innovative in the area. Please take a look at our program details below. Some sessions have already filled up so don’t wait too long to sign up. If you have questions please contact:

  •   Randy Grube (Boys) - 
  •   Meghan Toomey (Girls) -  


Boys & Girls Fall Training


2018 Fall Training Promo Clip from randy grube on Vimeo.



Box Registration Now Open To All Players!


Dragons JV Box Championship - Director's Cut from randy grube on Vimeo.



New For The Fall!
Girls Advanced Player Middle School Training






by posted 08/11/2018
2018 Fall Training is Here!

2018 Fall Training is Here!

2018 Fall Training Registration Is Now Open!

September and October is the best time of year for boys and girls to get into lacrosse. If you are in elementary or middle school and would like to give the sport a try, or played last year but haven't touched a stick since Spring, the Dragons Fall Training program is the right choice for you! Fall Training is also the best launch pad into team play for the winter and spring. The program consists of 8 small group sessions that will work on building strong fundamentals of lacrosse. Skills that will be introduced and practiced throughout the sessions include throwing, catching, ground balls, shooting, dodging, and footwork. Fall Training will also focus on the basic building blocks of being part of a team, such as the importance of punctuality, staying focused, bringing a positive attitude, and having fun! All sessions are led by professional coaches with extensive knowledge of the game. If you have questions please contact:

  •   Randy Grube (Boys) - 
  •   Meghan Toomey (Girls) -    


Register for Fall Training Now!


2018 Fall Training Promo Clip from randy grube on Vimeo.


Free Loner Gear

If you don’t have gear…no problem! We offer free loaner gear with a $100 refundable security deposit required. If you are unsure that this sport is for you but would like to give it a try, please contact us directly so we can set up a trial session for you.


The Schedule

  • Sunday 1-2pm for 2nd & 3rd grade
  • Sunday 2:30-4pm for 4th - 9th grade
  • First session is 9/9
  • Last session is 10/28



  • 2nd & 3rd grade - $175
  • 4th - 9th grade - $275


What To Bring

  • Water
  • Sneakers or cleats
  • Stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Goggles (girls only)
  • Helmet (boys only)
  • Gloves (boys only)
  • Shoulder pads (boys only)
  • Elbow pads (boys only)


What To Bring

Grant Elementary School in Santa Monica. Sessions are on the athletic field behind the school. Please enter off Ocean Park & 24th St.


All players in the Fall Training session are invited to attend our Halloween Pumpkin Shoot on the Beach on October 30th to close out the season.


by posted 07/25/2018
Dragons Oceanside Hustle Picture Gallery

A couple weekends ago we kicked off our winter travel season at the Oceanside Hustle. After 4 straight years of going to Vegas on this weekend, we finally switched it up and we think it was worth it. The level of competition was very, very high and we got a really good feel for the things we need to work on this winter season. We played some great games and we’re proud of how hard our boys battled. Dragons 6/7 Select Green won an epic Braveheart on Sunday morning and HS Elite 2018/19 made it all the way to the semis. Lots to be proud of and lots to work on. Great way to kick off the season. Below are some images from the weekend for you all to enjoy.


Thanks to all our players for giving it everything and our wonderful families for supporting them and us this season!


4/5 Blue





6/7 Green





6/7 Blue





8 Blue






HS Elite 2018/19





by posted 12/19/2017
Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 Wins Championship!

7th/8th Combo Team Takes 4th


The OC Fall Brawl on November 18 & 19 marked the end of Fall Ball for some, and the beginning of the Winter Season for others. Our Dragons 7/8 Combo team had their hands full against some pretty serious travel teams that were kicking off their winter season. The team managed to put up a good fight and beat Mad Dog LA in the final game to secure a 4th place.


Dragons HS Elite 2020/21 started their Winter Season at the OC Fall Brawl and made the most of the opportunity. The boys beat OC Wave in the semi-finals 11-0 and SC Sharks Red in the finals 9-0 to take home our first winter championship of the season. It was a great team effort that started with a strong defense and very solid goaltending. The midfield and attack made the most of their scoring opportunities but also pitched in on some great team defense. The attack did an excellent job riding and prevented our opponents from establishing a clear. And our face-off lines played extremely well together to gain a huge possession advantage, even when we didn't win the face-off.


Well done to all our players and coaches on both teams! And thank you as always to our parents for supporting the program. We couldn't do it without you guys!



by posted 11/21/2017

Fire Lacrosse is a new force on the girls lacrosse scene. It is the Elite division of Dragons Lacrosse and offers girls dedicated to the sport a chance to play at a higher level and to reach higher goals. Fire is backed by an incredible coaching staff that trains our players, guides them through tournaments and actively supports them in the recruiting process. We have an amazing team environment and a great attitude. Click HERE for more info.





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Dragons partners with Children's Hospital LA's  Sports Medicine program to educate families and train coaches.

Dragons is the first West Coast affiliate of Speed Lacrosse.

Dragons works with LA City Ducks Youth Football to provide opportunities for talented young players.

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