Premier youth lacrosse club in santa monica and los angeles, offering training and teams for beginners, as well as recreational and advanced players.


Welcome to the Santa Monica Dragons Program overview. On this page you'll find an overview of our annual program.

Our organization is open to boys & girls in grades 2 through 12, at all skill levels. We offer free trial sessions and free loaner gear for beginners. Dragons plays year-around, but players can choose to play in a single program, or play all year. We have 4 seasons (Each season page is updated 30-60 days prior to the season.):





FALL: The cycle starts each year in September with our Fall Season. The purpose of the Fall Season is three-fold. First, we want to give as many new player access to the sport of lacrosse as possible. Second, we want to provide intermediate players with an opportunity to continue improving their stick skills.  And third, we want to provide a competitive option for our more experienced players.  

The Fall Training program consists of 60-minute to 90-minute small group skill training sessions that take place once-a-week. Fall training works on building strong fundamentals and includes throwing, catching, cradling, ground balls, shooting, dodging and footwork. Fall Training is the ideal program to prepare players for joining a team and playing competitively. Free loaner gear is available, and new players are welcome to try a session for free. More info on Fall Training for 2017 is coming soon!

In addition to field practices, we offer a fun beach lacrosse option for all skill levels.  We have found that the sand is a great equalizer and evens the playing field for the players ranging in skill level.

In the Fall we also devote an entire season to teaching advanced players the game of box lacrosse. Box is a form of the game that originated in Canada and has become a very valuable teaching tool. Our box program consists of a weekly practice, a weekly game, as well as 1 tournament. More info on Box is available HERE.

In 2016, we added a Fall tournament program, that originally consisted of just 1 tournament, but will expand to 2 or 3 going forward. The Fall tournament program is open to intermediate and advanced players in grades 4 through 12.  For more information on the Fall Tournament Teams CLICK HERE.

WINTER: Winter season usually starts in early November. Boys & Girls Travel Teams go through a practice program during the first 3 weeks of November that prepares them for the first tournament in early December. They continue to practice twice a week until we hit the holidays and then pick back up in the first week of January. The heart of the winter travel season consists of back-to-back tournaments in January. The Winter Travel Team season is generally over at the end of January. February is a training month for our intermediate and advanced players and we offer positional clinics, as well as stick skill training on the beach.

Our local teams start to practice in December in preparation for the upcoming West LA Winter Season. The West LA Winter Season usually starts on the first or second Saturday of January and end with Championships during the last weekend of February. We enter both boys and girls teams into the West LA Winter Season. 

SPRING: During the Spring Season all teams play in a local league and there are no tournaments. The local leagues sometimes vary, but games are on Sundays and we will maintain 2 practices a week from early March until mid-May, when the Spring Season ends. For both the boys and girls we field Blue and Green teams at every age level except HS, since that is the CIF season.

SUMMER: In the summer we offer "open" tournaments in Southern California for intermediate and advanced level teams for boys at all age levels. There are no tryouts for "open" tournaments. We also offer a tryout-based summer travel program with tournaments all over the West for both boys & girls in 4th through 12th grade. And we also run a continuous summer training program for with sessions on the field or beach twice a week in June and July. We usually take the month of August off.