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This page displays program offerings for Winter 2016/17. Please keep in mind that the most current schedule information is on the SCHEDULE PAGE.

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This February we are offering two training options to help our players take their game to the next level: Speed & Spring Training.

The combination of these two program provides an excellent balance of positional training (Spring Training) and stick skills (Speed). Please see below for details on Spring Training. For more info on Speed, CLICK HERE.

Spring Training bridges the gap between the end of winter travel season and the spring season. It is the perfect program to get player caught up on individual skills before we get back into the rhythm of team practices in a few weeks.

Spring Training is designed to teach position specific skills for attack, midfield, defensive midfield, LSM, defense and goalies. Spring Training consists of six 60-minute sessions that take place in February, prior to the start of the spring season. Spring Training is ideal for intermediate and advanced players, and is open to players from any club in grades 4 and up.

Session Schedule:

  • Wednesday 2/8, 7-8pm @ Santa Monica HS 
  • Friday 2/10, 7-8pm @ Santa Monica HS 
  • Wednesday 2/15, 7-8pm @ Santa Monica HS 
  • Friday 2/17, 7-8pm @ Santa Monica HS 
  • Wednesday 2/22, 7-8pm @ Santa Monica HS 
  • Friday 2/24, 7-8pm @ Santa Monica HS 

Program Cost: $150

Click HERE to register.


We are very excited about the season ahead, and we have a great training program to fully develop our teams. Some details about the upcoming program.

Coaches 4/5 Blue: Head coach for the 4/5 Blue Travel Team will be James Burton. James has been with many of the players at box and the Santa Barbara tournament. He is fresh off a NCAA national championship win in May, and represents the perfect balance of college level experience adapted to the younger youth level. It isn’t often that a 4th & 5th grade team has a reigning national champion as a head coach. Assistant coach will be Thomas Flibotte. Thomas also just finished his college career at Division I Bucknell, where he played in the NCAA quarter finals in May against Loyola Maryland. James and Thomas represent the perfect 1-2 punch to lead our youngest travel team.

Coaches 6/7 Blue: Head coach for the 6/7 Blue Travel Team will be David Manning. David played Division I lacrosse at Loyola of Maryland and was on the 2012 championship winning team. Yes, your head coach is a Division I national champion and it isn’t often that a 6/7 team can claim a head coach with such a pedigree. David is a defenseman and has been with us since September. He has helped us run Fall Training, Santa Barbara practices and participated in demos we’ve conducted. David is also Varsity Coach at Viewpoint School. Coaching alongside David is Mike Kutzer, also from Loyola Maryland. Mike is a midfielder so this team will have a coaching staffed balanced on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. David and Mike will bring a no-nonsense college attitude to the field and will expect our boys to fully commit to their team.

Coaches 8 Blue: Head coach for 8 Blue is Erik Krum. Erik brings passion, intensity, high-energy and a positive attitude to the field every day. He is a role model to players. And it doesn't hurt that he won 3 national championships, was an All-American and played professionally in both LXM Pro and MLL. Aside from coaching Dragons, Erik is the Varsity head coach at Harvard Westlake. Defensive coach is Andrew Buss who matches Erik's energy and passion. Andrew also brings a excellent understanding of defense and goaltending. He is also the head coach for the Viewpoint Middle School team.

Coaches HS: Head coaches for the HS Travel Team will be Kevin Donovan (Lehigh) and Will Manning (Colgate). Both have been with us for some time now and have extensive experience coaching at the HS level. Positional coaches will work with players at practice in a 30-minute rotation at different stations, and include Erik Krum (attack - Salisbury), James Burton (midfield - Salisbury), Thomas Flibotte (midfield - Bucknell), David Manning (defense - Loyola Maryland), David Taylor (midfield - UNC/Tufts), Mike Kutzer (midfield - Loyola Maryland) and Andrew Buss (goalie & defense - Bridgewater). Not only is this a large coaching staff, it covers every position. And very importantly, our coaches know the players, which helps on many levels. Full bios are at the bottom of this letter.

Practices: Our practice schedule offers turf fields in convenient locations.



  • Friday 11/4 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Sunday 11/13 @ Palisades HS - 4pm to 6pm (all teams)
  • Friday 11/18 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Sunday 11/20 @ Palisades Charter HS - 4pm to 6pm (all teams)
  • Monday 11/28 @ Airport Park - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)


  • Friday 12/9 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Tuesday 12/13 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Friday 12/16 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Sunday 12/18 @ Palisades Charter HS - 4pm to 6pm (all teams)


  • Tuesday 1/3 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Thursday 1/5 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Tuesday 1/10 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Thursday 1/12 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Tuesday 1/17 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)
  • Thursday 1/19 @ John Adams MS - 7pm to 9pm (all teams)

Positional Training: This season our practices will include position-specific training, which will consist of a 30-minute split into offense and defense, in which defensemen work with our defensive coaches, and offensive players work with our offensive coaches. If you played on the Santa Barbara teams, you already saw this methodology in action. Positional training will significantly improve players’ fundamental skill set and understanding of the game.


Additional Training: We’ll be offering 2 new programs that will help players improve their skills. Those programs are separate from the travel team calendar and open to all players. Later in November we’ll be starting Speed Lacrosse, which will help our players improve on stick skills, ball movement, inside finishing, conditioning and overall lacrosse IQ. Speed Lacrosse will take place on the beach in front of the Annenberg Community Beach House on Saturday morning from 10am to noon. We will also offer 1-2 positional clinics that focus on defense for long poles, defense for midfielders, face-offs and goalie training. 


We are also introducing a new uniform and gear package for the winter, which we are super excited about. We’ve been in the same stuff for 2 years now, and we felt it was time for a freshening. Plus, many of our player’s helmets actually have cracks in them (especially around the fasteners). The mandatory items are the uniform, socks, helmet and helmet wrap, which you can find HERE.


If you recently purchased a new helmet and do not want to buy another helmet, please let us know, but be sure to order the uniform and socks package, which is HERE.


We are once again offering the opportunity to request a jersey number, but only until end of business Friday, 11/4. We are placing the uniform order this weekend, so anyone ordering after end of business Friday, 11/4 will be assigned a number. Thank you for your understanding.


Optional items are gloves, which you can order HERE, and a G1 bag with a cobalt blue interior, which you can order HERE. Please be advised that the gloves take 3 months to arrive here in the US.


If you that missed it in the earlier e-mails and posts, this is the winter tournament schedule:


Blackjack Classic (same as last year’s “2015 Vegas”)
December 3 & 4, 2016
Heritage Park
350 South Racetrack Road
Henderson, NV 89015


Adrenaline Challenge
January 7 & 8, 2016
Del Mar Polo Grounds
14555 El Camino Real
Del Mar, CA 92014


January 14 & 15, 2017
Empire Polo Club 
81-800 Avenue 51
Indio, CA 92201


Air Station Shootout
January 21 & 22, 2017
OC Great Park
6950 Marine Way
Irvine, CA 92618



After a very successful inaugural summer tournament season, we plan on taking the girls program to the next level. We will be attending three marquee tournaments in the SoCal region and would like to invite our most committed and skilled players.

November 12 & 13, 2016
SoCal Sports Complex
3300 El Corazon Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056

Oceanside Hustle
December 3 & 4, 2016
SoCal Sports Complex
3300 El Corazon Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056

January 14 & 15, 2017
Empire Polo Club 
81-800 Avenue 51
Indio, CA 92201